Saturday, June 9, 2012

Brasserie La Saveurs

Last Saturday I went to this restaurant that recommended by Where To Eat In Singapore, Brasserie La Saveurs which is located at St. Regis to have dinner with my family. It was a lovely place at night with dim lighting from the chandeliers and a wall of huge floor to ceiling windows letting in the last visage of the evening sun. I absolutely fell in love with the interior of the place.  It had a very warm yet classy feel to the ambience.

Pan fried foie gras

The foie gras that I tasted before are usually quite oily after being fried, but the one I found here was place on a piece of apple where the apple absorbs the oily surface of the foie gras. This combination is perfectly matches as we could taste the freshness of foie gras and the crunchiness of the apple.

Lobster bisque

The lobster bisque are very rich in taste unlike any other who uses ready made or express lobster bisque. I can definitely taste the fragrants of fresh lobster and other ingredients in this dish. It is refreshing yet appetizing and definitely best serves before main course.  

Pan-seared welsh lamb saddle

If you are a lamb lover, then this Welsh lamb chop will absolutely blow your mind off. Usually the lamb consist of strong gamey essence, but you will found this Welsh lamb chop with minimum gaminess because Welsh lamb are breed in a healthy and natural surroundings.  Therefore its meat is extraordinarily juicy and fresh.

Warm chocolate cake with sorbet

This is one of my favorite dessert of all time, and this warm chocolate cake is totally scrumptious as they uses a special type of chocolate, the Manjari which consist of 64% of cocoa and originate from Africa. My mouth was filled with the warm chocolate after my first bite and the taste is so good that I will never forget.

One thing I must mention about this restaurant is their sincerity in providing the best food for customer. They had giving me a try on a starter that is currently under development which could not be found on the menu yet, I do respect the way they do as they trying to get feedback and comment about their new dish before it actually goes into the menu because they only place the dish which is well accept by customer into their menu.

This is definitely the recommended place for throwing a party of function as their customer services are exceptionally well and every staffs is well trained to satisfy our needs. 

Website :
Address : 29, Tanglin Road, The St. Regis, Singapore 247911


  1. Great post and I “makan” this restaurant before very nice. My Favourite "Warm chocolate cake with sorbet". XDD

    1. Ya~ This is my favourite dessert also~ The taste is so good that I will never forget. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing~ U have a nice food recommendation & Quite comfortable when looking on your blog =)

    1. Thanks Jo :) There are more nice food recommendation food are coming soon. Stay tune :)