Friday, July 6, 2012

Au Petit Salut

French cuisine will always be one of my favourite, not only because of its romantic ambience and waiter/waitress with great smiles on their face all the time, the taste of their food was the main factor why I am so in love with French restaurant.

There isn’t many French restaurant that serves better than the one located at Harding Road, Au Petit Salut. This restaurant was the French restaurant that I went the most in Singapore. Reason is simple, because they simply serve the best French dishes in my opinion.

This place is really popular and always full house, therefore reservation is a must. My best friends and I went here to have our lunch yesterday and there are much crowed as we expected.

Home Cured Duck Breast

My appetizer of that day and it is very refreshing as always, the soft duck breast meat is simply irresistible and their pieces are always not enough to fill up my cravings. But that’s ok because I can leave my stomach open to other dishes.

Fillet of Black Cod

Their catch of the day and it is so incredibly fresh and together with their specialty sauces, this dish are the best black cod dish I ever had in Singapore.

Soya Cheesecake

Dessert will somehow reflect the standard of a fine restaurant and I must say the desserts of Au Petit Salut are top classed. Today I am having their Soya Cheesecake with Jasmine Tea Sorbet and it made my lunch today ended up with a happy ending. There is literally nothing to pick from their cheesecake, simply soft, smooth and tasty.

Address :  40C Harding Road Singapore 249548

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