Monday, July 23, 2012


Last Saturday I was appointed as the food hunting leader by my group of best friends. Well, to not letting them down I did a lot of research online and I found this restaurant on, Graze @ Rochester Park.

Stepping into Graze is like entering a friend’s backyard, and the weather was very beautiful when we walk in that time, it is simply one of the best place to enjoy your breakfast or lunch. It has an alfresco and indoor dining section, as well as an outdoor movie projector located at the drink tables.

The service was very prompt and courteous too as we were warmly welcomed upon reaching, and ushered to our preferred seat which is the air-conditioned indoor seating.

Tiger Prawns with salt and pepper

The prawns are exceptionally fresh and it is grilled to perfection. The way they prepares it make it easily to peal and it was a really good news for people like us who do not like to dirty our hand. With the dip of their specialty sauce, it is truly an amazing BBQ delights that we really enjoyed.

Seared Duck Breast

The meat is tender and it taste really different from the other duck breast that we had at other place, it is way more flavorful and fragrant. It comes with apple salad by the side and it was appetizing and make up a good companion for the duck breast.

Dessert Tasting Plate

This plate is a mini-creation of the other desserts that they have on menu and we love it so much. We were like tasting all other their desserts at one time and we one bite at each flavor is just enough and satisfying.

Overall Graze does not disappoint me especially their BBQ items that make me definitely will come back for more BBQ delicacies. Not to mention their desserts plate is really outstanding and this will be one of my favorite place to taste sweet desserts.

Address : 4 Rochester Park Singapore 139215

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