Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dragon-i @ Sunway Pyramid

This whole week I will be at Malaysia for paying a visit to my dear relatives, one of the best thing I knew about Malaysia was their fantastic food. My Malaysian cousin will be the tour guide for the whole week and he is well known as the great food hunter, how lucky of us!

At the first day, he brought us to visit the Sunway Pyramid, it is a huge shopping complex with quite a lot of branded shops. When It comes to lunch, we enter a restaurant known as Dragon-I. The interior was kind of representing Chinese with their ancient soldier blocks as well as Chinese calligraphy all over the wall.

My cousin did all the ordering while we are really looking forward to the Chinese cuisine as he describes it was the best Chinese cuisine he ever had. They are very famous with their Signature Siew Long Bao and La Mian. Their services are very prompt as well as we waited for around 15 minutes for our dish to get served.

Steamed Meat Dumpling

Known as "Siu Long Pao" in Chinese, small morsels of heavenly dumplings filled with minced meat and delicious soup, wrapped with paper thin skin and the presentation already made me drools. The first bite results in the soup bursting out in my mouth and instantly accompanied by the sweetness of it.  I am so into this dumpling and I had 3 of it, how satisfying!

La Mian with Braised Pork Rib

The soup tasted very thick and fresh with a rich flavour coming from the braised pork rib. As for the pork rib, it is very tender and their meat were well infused with their aromatic braised seasoning. The noodle is by far the best La Mian I ever had in a long time as it is very balance between chewy and softness, truly an amazing dish.

Seafood Golden Fried Rice

Each of every grain are cooked perfectly and every mouth was full of great fragrant. The seafood they used are very fresh too for instance their prawn are very juicy yet crunchy. This is a very decent fried rice as this is not one of their specialties.

We are very full and filled joy even without any dessert, I will definitely come back to Dragon-I again to taste their dumpling and La Mian if I came to Malaysia next time, or perhaps I should go ask did they have any branches in Singapore, It will definitely becomes the place for me to taste great dim sum or tea time. We even get a really great smile and greet when we are leaving which makes me feels even more in love with this restaurant. 

G1, 43, Ground Floor,Sunway Pyramid,3, Jalan PJS 11/15,Bandar Sunway,46150 Petaling Jaya.

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