Monday, July 16, 2012

No Signboard Seafood

For a seafood lover like myself, I never stop trying at new restaurant to find greater seafood. For years of searching and explores, I’ve make up a top 3 list for the best seafood restaurant in Singapore. No Signboard was one of the favourite of mine, and obviously it is the favourite of most of the Singaporean too.

No Signboard is popular with their seafood especially their crab, I have to agree that their crab probably not the freshest I ever tasted, but the way their cook it is the best that I’ve tried. Their menu is very original and unique in term of taste and appearance, I think a lot of the restaurant out there might be copying their style.

Well today I am here again to fulfill my hunger and craving for crabs, and I’ve brought along my crab lover friends along to get messy.

Crispy Baby Squids

The squids is fried in to crunchy piece of delights and together with their special black sweet sauce, it is truly appetizing..

White Pepper Crabs

The Taste of white pepper is milder than black pepper which I think it complements the delicate sweetness of the crab meat more. Fresh and juicy crab meat every mouth, absolutely satisfying.

Chili Crabs

The signature dish of this restaurant, it tasted a little bit different from the other place, I meant different in a good way. It has perfect essence which make the crab more attractive, we cant wait to devour it even though it is still piping hot.

Not to mention their fried buns were very well fried and it is the best companion ever for a crab meal.

Although it is only 3 of us but we manage to finish everything on plate including every dip of the sauce. I know this is crazy but it is just as good as I said, we are never disappointed with No Signboard before and same goes today, another blessing day with good meal.

Address : No 414 Geylang, Singapore 389392 


  1. wowwww the white pepper crab looks totally drool-worthy! :-)

    1. Yup~ the dishes from this restaurant is DELICIOUS to eat :))))