Friday, July 20, 2012

OTTO Ristorante

OTTO has known as one of the best fine dining restaurant in Singapore with its originality and authenticity in Italian cuisine. I never had the chance to visit until last week, my good friend was with me at the time and blurted out that she had a good experience in Otto before.

We went there without any hesitation since that time we are quite clueless about the restaurant choices for our lunch. I’m amazed by the time I reach there, Otto’s interior was smartly modern and the table was quite brightly lit, it seems like a better choice for the romantic date or business meal.

Besides the great ambiance, their services are impeccable as well. The staffs who were friendly and yet unobtrusive, very courteous and always have warm smile on their face which made us felt very comfortable and truly relax  in this dining place.

Spaghetti with sea urchin and grey mullet bottarga

Most people tell me that the pastas here are great and they are absolutely right. The textures of pastas were perfect and they were sauced perfectly. This is the first time I had these ingredients combined and it gave me a refreshing and new experience on tasting a quality spaghetti.

Crispy Suckling Pig lacquered with "black locust" tree honey and aged balsamic vinegar

My friend strongly recommended this signature dish as she said it is a Must-Try dish for being here. The pork was succulent and tender while the skin was thin and crunchingly crispy. They uses balsamic vinegar as the main sauce and it is a great move as it enhance the taste of this dish.

Seared langoustine with ‘Allegrini’ lake Garda olive oil and parsley

This is something new that I never tasted before and my friend told me that these langoustines were imported from New Zealand. This is like the sweetest crustaceans I have ever sampled. The olive oil which is fruitier and less acidic is used to pair with the langoustine to further bring out the sweetness.

I believe this is the best experience I had with Italian fine dining, everything turns out perfectly for me and I would definitely pay them a visit in near future. And next time I will bring along my hubby to enjoy our dinner at this romantic yet elegant place.

Address : 28, Maxwell Road, #01-02 Red Dot Traffic Building, Singapore 069120

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  1. The staff was friendly and spoke with a heavy Italian accent which really added to the atmosphere. Service is plain outstanding. Welcomed,seated,watered by a friendly team. Owner came over quickly to welcome us.