Friday, September 7, 2012

Brazil Churrasco

Buffet is something I really love but I hardly go for it due to the determination to control my weight. However, after I heard plenty of great reviews and comments about a buffet restaurant located at Sixth Avenue, my craving for food beats my determination.

So I went down to this restaurant, Brazil Churrasco with my friends and try their so-called “Best Barbecue Buffet” in town. I just had a very light breakfast at morning therefore this time Im got to eat like there is no tomorrow.

The environment is cozy and we start off at the salad bar, there are good varieties of items which I think it’s great to be serves as our appetizer. But i reminded my friends to take it sparingly as our main dishes today will be the great barbecue meats.

The concept of this buffet is quite different, they serves up to 14 different barbecued meats directly off the skewer at our table. From the choices of lamb, beef and chicken, the friendly passadors will serves them politely and professionally for us.

However we only go for the mutton and chicken as some of my friends cannot take beef due to their religion views. The chicken is grilled to perfection and tender, turkey ham is pretty decent as well, they are all serving freshly which I really enjoy it this way.

I think they barbeque item is undeniably fresh and great in taste, customer services wise are very good too, definitely a place to go for all you meat lovers out there. I will return again for sure just for the best barbeque meats in town.

14/16 Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276476

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