Saturday, September 15, 2012

Irwin's Live Seafood House

Crabs are always one of my favourite food of all time and I’m going to taste one of the best one in town, recommending by Where To Eat in Singapore ( It Is an amazing website that lead me to plenty of great place with great food in Singapore.

Irwin’s Live Seafood House is our destination this time, after I did some researches of them, I found out that this restaurant was located at River Valley Road and it has been relocated and reopened at Upper Thomson Road now. The restaurant has a live aquarium that accommodated with fresh crabs and fishes.

Salted Egg Crab

It is covered with golden creamy salted egg sauce, the Sri Lanka crab was tender and the sauce has the curry leaves aroma. I must say it is one of the freshest crab that I tasted before and the sauce is really special and scrumptious, infused perfectly into the crab meat and makes every mouth filled with satisfaction.

Damn Good Pork

The crispy battered pork ribs are well marinated and the centre was tender and juicy. Accompanied with the savory butter sauce moreover the aroma of curry leaves make the dish even more fragrant and savouring. We heard this was Irvin’s favourite dish and he named it the “Damn Good Pork”.

Red Tilapia with Special Sauce

The reddish sauce is made of bean paste with chili, but it is not as spicy as it looks which suitable for most of the Singaporean. It actually tastes like the sweet thai chili and it is really flavorful and aromatic which makes the Red Tilapia even better.

The salted crab and Damn Good Pork surprises me and I really enjoy them. The ambience wise is very clean and cozy, served by friendly yet professional staffs, it makes me really comfortable dining in here.  Recommended for all of you seafood lovers out there to enjoy the really taste crabs here.

4 Jalan Leban, Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 577548