Saturday, September 8, 2012

Plum Village

Today I am going to try something new with my friends, the Hakka cuisine. I’ve never dine in a Hakka restaurant before as I was never been introduced to any Hakka restaurant, and thanks to my friend that I finally got the chance to taste it.

It’s a cozy restaurant with limited tables, luckily we had reservation or else I guess we need to wait for quite some time. I can smell the fragrance from other dining table and it makes me drool, literally. My friend ask me to wait patiently as their dishes are prepared with quality and like a phrase in Chinese, “slow works came out with a greater outcome.”

Mei Cai Kou Rou (Salted Vegetable with Pork)

I'm not a usual fan of this dish as I don't really have a proclivity for fatty meat. However, I must concede I'm impressed by this dish here. The Mei Cai was a little sweet instead of the usual saltiness that I associate with which is good in my opinion. Kou Rou was delicate and it literally melted in the mouth.

Salted Chicken

This is different from other salt chicken dishes in most places in Singapore that I ever tasted. The chicken is flavorful, moist, and has a most unique taste. And my friend tells me that this is how an authentic Hakka Salted chicken tasted like. I must confess I’m totally in love with this dish.

Suan Pan Zi (Fried Yam Ball)

It is different from those you could find in hawker center, i can actually taste this dish hot, fresh from the wok. The combination of the xia mi (dried shrimp), mince pork and mushroom really bring out fragrant smell in this dish that fulfill my appetites.

My overall experience with Plum Village’s Hakka cuisine is totally awesome. I tried something new and each and every one of it impressed and satisfied me. I’m officially a big fans of Hakka cuisine now, I can’t wait for my next visit to Plum Village to taste the great Hakka dishes again!

16 Jalan Leban, Singapore 577554

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  1. 客家菜,我Mother的最爱。看楼主介绍的酸盘子不错。我看要带我Mother去吃