Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shin Nichi

I haven’t been to a Japanese restaurant for quite some time, and I’m suddenly strikes by the craves for Japanese food who motivated me to go to this restaurant with my colleagues, Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant located at Fusionopolis.

Unlike any other Japanese restaurant which is specialist in sushi, Shin Nichi’s specialty would be their wide variety of ramen, and all of them are great according to my colleague. So I ordered their signature ramen and some Japanese delights.

The ambience was very nice and comfortable, we all having a good time on chatting while waiting for our food. The waitress who served us was very friendly and polite too, I am totally impressed with the customer services from here.

Char Siew Ramen (Roasted Pork)

Let’s talk about their ramen, Wow! This is something really good, better than any ramen that I tasted before, the strings of springy ramen was in the perfect texture between the chewiness and softness. Accompanied with the succulent roasted pork slices that soaked with the nutritious soup, this combination was the best I ever tasted in a while.

Sashimi Platter

It has 5 selection of sashimi includes Tuna, Salmon, Octopus, Yellowtail and Swordfish, and all of them tastes very fresh. And it served in a generous portion which every slice was thick loaded with pure sweetness.

Salmon Wrap

According to my colleague, this is consists of Tobiko, Kani stick, shredded cucumber and fresh salmon slices. All of them are wrapped with rice paper and it taste really flavorful in every bites. From the fresh salmon on the outside to the crunchy fills inside, it tasted real good and refreshing.

The Ramen here is really good and full of choices, I will definitely return again to try on another flavor. Their side dishes are pretty decent too, a recommended place for family and friends gathering. Not to mention their customer services are very good and attentive, our cups were never empty once.

1 Fusionopolis Way Symbiosis #02-20/21/22 Singapore 138632


  1. 拉面好吃,面很Q 。。。最怕那种煮到绵绵的面。推荐大家去try 一try

  2. 去了几次,觉得环境还不错。。。