Friday, September 21, 2012

The Ship @ Kuala Lumpur

Once again I’ve came back to the country of great food, Malaysia with my hubby.  This time is regarding of some business issues and we have to settle it by ourselves.  After all the business has done, it’s time for a great meal.

This time our food hunt leader would be my colleague in KL, he asked us whether want to try the best steak in town and we said yes without any hesitation. I really excited to found out how great was the so-called best steak in town was like.

When we reach there, I realized why it is called the best steak in town, because it was literally stated in their signage. The entrance was build like a ship and it is quite interesting and fit with their restaurant name, The Ship.

When we are waiting for our food to come after taking order, they served us with buns and salad, and this is free of charge, how sweet!  

Air Flown New Zealand Oysters

It is with the oyster on half shell, chilled with crushed ice, served with cocktail and tobasco sauce. The oyster is huge and fresh and the texture is soft and slippery. Good to have this as our appetizer.

Sizzling Chicken Chop

I believe their sizzling item must be very popular judging by almost every table had the sizzling platter. The sizzling sound itself brings me the excitement before the sizzling chop arrives, it was like the sound of deliciousness to me. And the taste of the chicken chop is undoubtedly the best sizzling chicken chop that I had taste before. The juicy yet tender meat come with their in house specialty sauce, together with some nicely fried fries makes a perfect combination to me.

Although I did not try the steaks which is what the claimed to be the best in town, but their other dish already caught my heart and I am truly amazed by the services and quality provided by this restaurant. This will be another restaurant that I will never forget when I craves for western delights.

102-104, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. 这间餐馆的oyster 很鲜甜。我吃生蚝最怕腥。不过这间还好不会咯。

  2. 个人觉得这里的西餐就很一般。