Thursday, September 6, 2012

Xin Cuisine

It’s a hot afternoon and everyone seems like sweating, it’s my turn to decide for the lunch venue and a restaurant quickly came into my mind, Xin Cuisine. This restaurant left me with a great impression of their fabulous environment and it is the best place to get relieved from the hot whether out there.

They offer a great varieties of Dim Sum in lunch time and there are quite a number of crowd when we reach there, everyone seems to be choosing this place due to the terribly hot whether out there like me.

Without further hesitation I order plenty of unique and signature dishes to let my colleague try as some of them did not step into this restaurant before. Our seating was located at a quiet and comfortable corner.


Baby Abalone Tartlet

My colleagues were literally surprise by the look of this dish and asked, “Is this a real abalone?”  This is something really nice looking and the taste wise, superb! The buttery pastry inside filled up with chicken and mushroom slices with the baby abalone on top just make you can’t get enough of this delicious tart.

Barbecued suckling Pig with Goose Liver, Yam and Japanese Cucumber

Another “Wow!” from my colleagues after knowing the ingredient used on this elegantly presented dish. The crisp on the top part, juicy goose liver at the middle and the fragrant yam and fresh Japanese cucumber at the bottom made this combination irresistible.

Baked Sea Perch with Japanese Miso Sauce and Sauteed Spring Vegetables

Another unusual dish uniquely prepared which my colleague never tasted before, the Sea Perch is drizzled with miso sauce dressing and makes it taste flavorful. The sautéed spring vegetables also give this dish a perfect touch for becoming a truly satisfying dish.

It is not my first experiences with Xin Cuisine but it still impressed me everytime I visited this place, I am very glad that my colleagues love this place too and I felt proud for knowing this great place and share it to my friends. This is an amazing restaurant and I definitely will return for sure, with another group of people who craving for greatest food in Singapore.

317 Outram Road, 4F Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore 169075

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