Friday, March 25, 2016

Authentic Persian food at Shabestan #Food Blogger

Nestled at the lively Robertson Quay district, Shabestan offers authentic Persian cuisine in a modern fine dining concept. For those who are looking for something healthy yet delicious, this is just the right place for you. Shabestan is famed for serving halal-certified nutritious dishes that does not compromise on its taste. Using only the finest of ingredients and following food preparation procedures diligently and meticulously, Shabestan takes great steps to ensure that their dishes are freshly served at the highest standard.

With a maximum capacity of up to 140 people, Shabestan also offers customized menus to suit specific preferences and budget. It promises a dedicated and experienced team to successfully execute every detail. Some of their signature dishes include Tekeh Masti (tender beef cubes served with yogurt and Persian spices, and rice) and lamb kobideh which is done beautifully tender.  It is also highly recommended to give their mixed platter a go, which consists of a generous portion of seafood and meat that is bound to get your money’s worth. Their desserts are spectacular as well, and amongst the must-tries are the Faludeh Shirazi & Ice Cream and the Baghlava. In particular, the former promises an ancient and traditional frozen Persian dessert dating back to 400BC made with vermicelli noodles, mint and rose water served with Persian Saffron Ice cream. After having tasted so many desserts, I would say that this is definitely one of its kind.

Apart from being a fine dining restaurant, Shabestan also makes a stylish event venue for special occasions. It is well suited for private parties, corporate events or simply fun and lively celebrations. It offers both air-conditioned indoor and outdoor seating sections, with a restaurant décor that is beautifully decorated and bound to set the mood for a romantic evening.

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