Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dining in a Japanese beer house

Hokkaido Izakaya literally needs no introduction. It offers a true blue izakaya experience from Hokkaido, and we all know how fully booked they can get, how long do we have to wait to get a seat and also how affordable it is considering its’ quantity. It is not your typical Japanese restaurant, especially so with bright wood furnishing and slight rock music in the background.

Hokkaido Izakaya offers a delectable range of items at wallet-friendly prices. Using only high quality and specially imported ingredients to prepare its dishes, some of my personal favourites include the Wagyu Roast Beef, Potato Croquette and Kakiage Tempura Soba. What struck me hard is also their Milk Hotpot with Salmon. High quality Hokkaido milk was used in the making of this dish, and the natural sweetness of the milk just complements so well with the beautifully cooked salmon. I have never tried a ‘milk hotpot’ and I am glad that I have discovered a new way to enjoy the best of Hokkaido produces. For the dessert, I tried their Steamed Potato with Vanilla Ice Cream. It has never come across my mind that we can use potato for dessert. The Hokkaido potato, sweet azuki beans, vanilla ice cream topped with a slab of butter simply sealed the deal for me. I am truly satisfied.

Japanese Omelette Mixed with Milk
Japanese restaurant
Cucumber with Salted Konbu Seaweed
Japanese Restaurant
Hokkaido Potato Salad
Japanese Restaurant
Hot Soba with Kakiage & Prawn Tempura
Japanese Restaurant
Stir-Fried Lamb Shoulder & Vegetable with Special Sauce from Yakumo Town
Japanese Restaurant

For an authentic Hokkaido Izakaya experience, let me recommend you to this restaurant that is bound to take you all the way back to Hokkaido. Do be warned of the lunch crowd though, as this restaurant is very popular amongst the CBD dwellers.

Japanese Restaurant

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