Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More than you can eat Crab Feast Session

I’ve always wanted to try Crab Party as it always looks quite happening whenever I drove past it. However, the reviews I came across online is quite mixed so I’d often head to my usual restaurant (House of Seafood) to satiate my cravings for crab instead of taking a chance at a new place. But as a foodblogger, I felt that it was time to expand my list of Crab Places. And Crab Party certainly did not disappoint.

I have to applaud them for the quality of the crabs, which was displayed in a tank in front and I get to choose my own crabs. I decided to go for their salted egg crabs and white pepper crabs. In particular, I enjoyed their white pepper crab. You can tell that the quality of the crabs was very good, as the flesh was sweet and succulent. The white pepper sauce was very well balanced and brought out the sweetness of the crab. Their salted egg crab did not disappoint too. It was done slightly different from your usual salted egg crabs, as the sauce was very much like a butter sauce with salted egg sprinkled generously over the top of the crab. At your own discretion, you can decide how much salted egg you’d like to go with the sauce. While it isn’t the best salted egg crabs that I’ve come across, it certainly was very different and definitely worth trying. I also ordered other dishes such as the KL Hokkien Mee, Beancurd Rolls, Spinach and Porb Ribs with Egg Floss. Another dish that I highly recommend and would order again is their KL Hokkien Mee, which was surprisingly good and good value for a generous portion.

This is definitely an ideal place to dine at with your family and friends. I like the clean dining environment and the al fresco dining option. Overall, I am impressed and would definitely return again to try the other dishes.

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