Friday, June 3, 2016

Sek Tong Gai # One Tze Char Restaurant that No One Should Miss

Sek Tong Gai is a hidden-gem of a restaurant situated at Commonwealth. Also known as “Eat Everything Street”, it offers a localized and laid back dining experience serving tze-char-style dishes.  While the price tag may be somewhat hefty to some, you are bound to get your money’s worth as they use only high quality and the finest of ingredients. Moreover, the service here is excellent too – the staff will help portion out dishes and change the plates every now and then.
The food here was more casual and homely and less refined. They are famed for their signature dishes such as the Claypot braised Soon Hock, Fried Rice, Claypot Chicken and Steamed Pork Ribs. In particular, the Soon Hock stood out as the best dish amongst the dishes I ordered. Cooked with minced pork, eggplant and tofu, it is easy to be fooled by its unphotogenic appearance. It was known that the minced pork was steamed for three hours to melt away the fats, then refrigerated overnight to scrape away the top layer of oil. As such, the fish was not at all oily. The skin of the deep-fried fish remained crispy, and the flesh was so sweet, tender and fresh. Another dish that is praise-worthy is their steamed pork ribs, which is your typical homely food. The steamed pork ribs wasn’t the fall-off-the-bone sort; but instead it had a bite. Steamed with bean paste, preserved plum, ginger and some crispy salted fish, the dish is a comfort food. It is a dish that I will definitely order again on my next visit here.
If you are looking for a place to kill off those late night hunger pangs, this would be it. Sek Tong Gai operates till late in the evening, and also makes an ideal place to bring your family and friends to for a hearty feast. If you are thinking to head down over the weekend, I highly encourage you to make reservations to avoid disappointment. In any case, this restaurant is one that is definitely worth trying.

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