Monday, August 29, 2016

Exqusite Nanjing food

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Nanjing in China, the emperors may have left town, but the food in Nanjing restaurant is still fit for royalty. Nanjing restaurant is home to one of the most influential cuisines in Chinese food. All dishes were freshly cooked, delicious, and reflected the excellent culinary skills of Chef Zhang. They were devoured quickly because the taste was really good!
Nanjing salted duck
Nanjing salted duck, this cold dish appetizer duck is quite lean but the tender meat contains fat which isn't greasy.the duck was well-marinated with the spices. It wasn't dry at all and the flavor was nice,definitely not overbearing with salt.  
Jellyfish and cucumber with vinegar
Jellyfish and cucumber with vinegar, the jellyfish was surprisingly awesome with its crunchy texture and richness. The jellyfish and thinly-sliced cucumber were savoury and rich with flavour. The Chinese vinegar marination was not sour and and actually opens up my appetite to enjoy more food! 
Braised lion-head minced pork ball,
Braised lion-head minced pork ball, this's a hot dish is very well-made. The combination of minced meat, red bean and other ingredients was a pleasant surprise as the meat was infused with the special marinated gravy. the meat actually melts in the mouth and I was tempted to finish the gravy.
Bamboo shoot soup with pork,
Bamboo shoot soup with pork, this soup has the balanced flavor of bamboo shoot poultry-based broth. Pork was right amount of tender. The sweetness and tastiness had me coming back for more.
Come to enjoy the authentic chinese cuisine.

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