Thursday, August 18, 2016

Horizon Chef Chris turns local ingredients into French cooking

A bistro having French cooking techniques, making pasta from scratch and offering affordable prices with modern versions of classic recipes and causal setting.We love that. Chef Chris sources local ingredients and turns them into magical creations. He makes some of the most tender meats in the city. This restaurant is worth visiting and worth your time to explore!
Chilled Truffle Angel Hair
Their chilled truffle pasta Angel hair was a winning dish, it's al dente and chewy. Angel hair was eagerly oily and vinegary, with ikura, golden tobiko, with the indulgent crab meat that melt-in-your-mouth.
The salmon turning out just as lip-smackingly good, the Miso infused the salmon served on a bed of zucchini and shitake mushroom ragout with grilled king prawns and mustard foam. We have happily concede that as it isn't all about salmon also the sauce.
Trio of Pork
This Braised pork belly is served with homemade mash potato, seasonal vegetables, Beetroot butter puree, Corn puree. Crusted hazelnut, grape mustard, rich texture and complex flavor.
Chicken breast 
Go the whole hog with their chicken breast which comes with parsnip puree cream sauce, carrots, shimeiji mushroom and cherry tomatoes on vine. We are sticking to the food for its tender and juicier bite.
To end your meal, a Tiramisu with a cup of black coffee or a glass of wine would be great!
in Horizon, you will be amazed with another creation of a recipe- infusing a ton of new flavours you’ve never had. Served with special sauce, it’s tasty on a whole new level, just keep it and give a try and it will definitely grow on you.

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