Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nine by Sweet Basil

At Nine by Sweet Basil, I learn how to take care hair. Nine by Sweet Basil offers the best in hair care service within an inviting and casually chic setting. They use hair color products, guaranteeing high-end hues and luxurious quality. Nine by Sweet Basil was opened in 2014 and all stylists are Japanese and trained in Tokyo. They are located in a nice quiet shophouse opposite Raffles Hotel at Purvis street. The salon is on the second floor.
Moon Wong
Yoshi-san he did the head treatment for me, the treatment which remove excess oil and sebum from my hair that normal water cannot get rid of. It makes my hair feel like a thorough cleaning and I love that feeling. When it bubbled on my scalp, the treatment improves hair circulation as well. It does not have a smell and neither does it sizzle on my scalp, giving my hair soft and clean, creating a glossy finish, Yoshi-san, his fingers worked nimbly through my hair and in the most interesting manner by swirling my hair and achieved a uniquely Japanese straight curls style that I really liked. I could see my hair has transforming into glossy and sparkly hair, I love the effect,
Yoshi-san gave me a head and shoulder massage which is a cream applied and massaged. Yoshi-san's massage was amazing. You can tell him your preference for the strength of the massage, and I usually prefer a really strong one. It was mega shiok.
Thank you for a magnificent experience, surely will come back.

At Nine by Sweet Basil
26A Purvis Street, (near Bugis Junction and opposite Raffles Hotel)
Singapore 188603
Weekdays: 10am - 8pm
Weekends and holidays: 10am - 7pm
Telephone: 6337 3661

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