Thursday, September 1, 2016

Good quality Chinese food at Cafe Setting

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Food is essential to life and J-Dee's  make it a good one.  J-Dee's is for those with a big appetite. The portion is quite huge. The beer is gold, the glasses is icy & the food pretty good.
Curry fish head the tender flesh of the fish came off the fork easily. The flesh is so soft, absorbing the curry flavours really well. The spices from the curry enhance the natural flavour of the head without overpowering it. Together with ladies finger, long beans and cabbage, it’s a complete meal on its own. The addictive gravy is made using a variety of spices and Indian curries, not as tangy. The result is satisfying, a hot and mildly spicy gravy that titillates the tastebuds. I can just drink and enjoy the curry gravy on its own too.
Hot plate tofu
Hot plate tofu is one of the most popular dishes at the Si Char. The hotplate adds to the extra-dimension of smell and sound to heighten the anticipation of the dish.
Salted Egg prawn ball, the sweetness from the sauce balances the unique savoury aroma from the salted egg yolk. Curry leaves and chilli padi give the dish the extra kick.
Fried Bee Hoon (Singapore style) fried in gravy texture and a refreshing taste. Despite the uninteresting and very humble look, fried Bee Hoon always rank high make a good and satisfying meal.

Hope my sharing is helpful.

J-Dee's Gourmet
Blk 678A Woodlands Ave 6 #01-16/17/18,  Singapore 731678
Tel: +65 6366 9445

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