Friday, September 2, 2016

San Laksa's unique and tasty broth gain fame and popularity

San Laksa
San Laksa this is the place to go for a filling and scrumptious meal. Laksa Soup, herbal soup steamboat selection and their good service. Their unique and tasty gain fame and popularity for its delectable, will bring out all the essence of it, freshness of the ingredients.
The food go well with the laksa broth and it was very tasty and savory, there are 3 types of chill available, laksa chilli, sweet chilli and samba chili.
Laksa Steamboat
The broth is flavorful and thick enough, without being overpowering. Everything served is fresh enough and complementing. They have a lot to choose for the steamboat, prawn, scallop, filet, squid, cockles, fish maw, fish skin, slice meat, golden mushroom.
They have ala carte dishes, fried chicken, samosa and golden bun etc.

There are air-conditioned or outdoor dining

San Laksa Steamboat
404 Telok Blangah Road Singapore 098840
Tel; 6275 7069

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